August 11, 2019

Look out baby, it's high tide.

Look out baby, it's high tide
OK! OK! Hold it!
I just want to say something.
You know, 
for every dollar a man makes
A woman makes 63 cents.
Now, fifty years ago 
that was 62 cents.
with that kind of luck,
It'll be the year 3888
Before we make a buck.
But hey, girls? 
We can take it
And if we can't we're gonna fake it
We're gonna save ourselves, 
save ourselves
(Yeah tell it to the judge)
We're gonna make it
And if we don't 
we're gonna take it
We're gonna save ourselves, save ourselves
We've got a fever of a hundred and five
And look out baby 
It's high tide.

~ tune ~

  • accessorie . Ruina set / by Zibska @ Driftwood
  • eyeshadow . Ruina eyemakeup / by Zibska @ Driftwood
  • pose . Beach Illustrated 2019 / by NANTRA

  • corset . from Gold Standard set / by L.I.C.
  • eyes . Blackout / by Kosmetik
  • teeth . The Sharps / ContraptioN
  • hair . Lab.020 / by booN
  • skin . Jonna, tone 3 / by Essences
  • head . Catya / by Catwa
  • body . Lara / by Maitreya

CIRCALovely AlienNANTRASinful NeedsSpookshowZibska

Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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