January 14, 2018

The Strange Science of Love

The Strange Science of Love

"The science of love is the philosophy of the heart"
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


pose ... Won't You B Mine / by NANTRA
Bento pose set with mesh heart props! Available at ULTRA, opening January 15, 2018

eyewear ... Stellis Goggles / by Plastik
Texture change frames and lens make for a ton of variation!

outfit ... Tzofi / by Zibska
This set is in a gacha at the mainshop, and includes a texture change HUD!

lips ... Fall Essentials / by alaskametro<3
I'm using lip 3 here, but the full set has 3 eyeshadows and 3 lips and they are all super dang pretty!

tattoo ... Magical, in black / by Even~Tide
Three variations included, comes with system layers and appliers!

nails ... Rough Cut / by Hello Dave
This is one of Hello Dave's less common full palettes, with a color selection that can match just about any outfit.

skin ... Eirtae, in Milk / by Lumae
Comes with classic skins plus a ton of appliers, including Soul and Bentbox ears!

hair ... If You're Wild / by Exile
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
head ... Catya / by Catwa
body ... Isis / by Belleza
model ... Hester / by Devae.
windlight ... Ivory Flowers / by Torley 
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January 12, 2018

History Is An Angel

History Is An Angel

"... He said: History is an angel
being blown
into the future ... "

History Is An Angel

"... He said: History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm
from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards
into the future
And this storm,
this storm
is called Progress"
~ The Dream Before, by Laurie Anderson

History Is An Angel (close up)

poses ... Going For Gold / by NANTRA
An excellently crafted set of bento poses, inspired by classic competitive ice skating moves. They are very athletic and emotive and I think easily used for things like dance and flying, too! Go pick them up at the January round of The Liaison Collaborative!

eyes ... Charm / by Kosmetik
Lovely and realisitc, I really like the depth of color in these eyes. They come in color packs so you can just get the ones you want, and like all Kosmetik eyes come with mesh contacts, Catwa, and Omega appliers (which makes me a happy camper!). Pick them up at this month's round of TWE12VE.

tattoo ... Mosaic Spots GG / by Even~Tide
I love Even~Tide's tattoos. They're always really interesting and frequently things you can't find anywhere else, usually focused on RP-type effects, like scales, striping or spots for unusual races, or battle scars, or magic looking effects. They do OMEGA appliers, but they also still do classic layers, which I really appreciate! And, one of the advantages of hitting up their subscriber is that you get gorgeous group gifts like this one in your inventory! I'm not sure if you can pick up past gifts, but even if you can't, you should totally sign up for the next one!
skin ... Eirtae in Aurae / by Lumae
This skin is not a new one, but I wanted to highlight it because a) it's super gorgeous and we need more skin colors in the grid, and b) Lumae has extended their sale for a bit while they recover from the insidious winter flu infecting everyone. So! Go getchyoo some really lovely skins for really bargain prices while you still can!

hair ... Soyala / by Adoness
head ... Catya / by CATWA
eyeballs ... Occularum 2 / by Sinful Needs
bikini ... Nexus Cyber Bikini / by A&Y
wings ... Luna's Living Wings / by Violet Vixen
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
body ... Isis / by Belleza
model ... Hester / by Devae.
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January 6, 2018

Dreaming of Daylight

Dreaming of Daylight

Winter is the hardest season for me. It's beautiful, but I live somewhat northward, so it's often very dark, and the hours of daylight diminish notably as the winter solstice comes. My brain wants me to hibernate, curl up under warm covers and sleep until spring, but I don't live in a world that really lets anyone do that. So, I spend the winter dreaming of the time when my waking hours will be dominated by sunlight.

Dreaming of Daylight (closeup)

... All the pretty things ... 

poses ... Silent Movie / by NANTRA
These are not a new release, but I really want to bring attention to NANTRA's great bento poses they've been putting out! The amount of personality added by the bento hand poses in this (and all their bento sets) just really pushes these poses to the top of my favorites pile. Seriously, go check them out.

skin ... Atharia (in Fumiko) / by Plastik & TRAP
These new skins are simply gorgeous and magical. They come with all the appliers you could want, including Soul ear appliers, classic skins, matching nail appliers, and all the extras goodies Plastik likes to toss into their skin packages! There are a bunch of colors and a guarantee you'll have trouble picking a favorite <3. Available at Plastik's main shop!

eyes ... Memory / by Kosmetik
Another beautiful eye set by Kosmetik. Multi-colored and fantastical, these will add a little touch of magic to any avie. These were released in December at The Avenue. I haven't checked to see if they are in the main shop yet, but I'm sure they will be soon if they aren't already.

eyeballs ... Occularum 2 / by Sinful Needs
I think I've pointed these out before, but seriously, these are so cool and fun to play with. I love being able to adjust the pupil to the size I'd like - it gives me so many more options with my eyes! Being able to control glow, shine, and eye position from one HUD is really nice too. Pick up a demo, they're great!

eyeshadow ... Bali / by alaskametro<3
lips ... Orchid / by alaskametro<3
Alaskametro makes really gorgeous makeup, with lots of glitter and sheen and color fades and I think everyone should try some of their stuff at least once!

outfit ... Yngvildr top & skirt / by Zibska
What can I say? I always love what Zibska does - their textures and artistry just really tickle the right aesthetic bones for me. Plus I find that good fantasy outfits are hard to find, and this set really hits the spot - fantastical without being too much of any one genre. These aren't a new release, but I was able to pick these up at Zibska's recent annual 50% off sale and I don't regret it for a minute.

Dreaming of Daylight (shooz)

shoes ... Artizan Cloud Pumps / by Pure Poison
Also, can we just take a minute to admire these shoes? I love the metal detailing and the soft suede textures!

hair ... Verona B / by eXxEsS
I've wrong eXxEsS hair a few times, but I just want to mention that the hair is beautiful, the textures are really lovely and realistic, and you get a ton of colors for a very affordable price. If you need hair, and especially on a budget, check them out!

wings ... Wrought Seraph Wings / by ContraptioN
body ... Isis / by Belleza
head ... Catya / by Catwa
ears ... Troll / by Soul
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
nails ... Addon Stilleto / by Slink
feet & claws ... Avatar Enhancement Feet / by Slink

model ... Hester / by Devae.
A small note about my "model" credits - these are shapes that I've made, usually to match a particular set of mesh body parts and skin. I haven't released any of them yet, but I do intend to. If you are interested in any of them, feel free to IM me :)

windlight & water ... Mirror Lake, from a couple Fantasy Faires ago

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January 3, 2018

Winter Frolic!

Winter Frolic!

I meant to post this in December, but Christmas stuff piled up and I had to take care of it. That's why I was gone all month! But at last, the new year arrived and now I can take care of the things *I* really want to take care of - like blogging beautiful things <3

tail, ears, & horn ... Amalthe / by Plastik
These are just so pretty and adorable! A matched set of ears, unicorn horn with jewelies, and a Bento animated/poseable tail! The textures are gorgeous, and the items are mod, so you can tint as needed! Release at December's , they are now available at the main store! (new LM, be sure to update!)

makeup ... Lipstick.audax / by Kosmetik
This lipstick pack is perfect for winter color wardrobes, with a lovely lined ombre effect and nice shine. You'll find these at the mainshop, so head on over and grab you some lips!

eyes ... Lux / by Kosmetik
I really enjoy Kosmetik's eye releases. As an eye-maker myself, I'm fairly picky about the eyes I like, so it's nice to see such consistent quality and  beauty from a designer! Originally released at the December round of The Makeover Room, you should check out the mainshop to pick them up.

skin ... Spark, tone 1 / by alaskametro <3
 Alaskametro's really been killin' it in the skin department in the past couple of months! Originally released in November at the 4mesh event, I think it might still by in Alaska's inventory. I hope she'll put it out in the main shop soon, since it is so lovely, but in the meantime you can contact her via her site and ask about it.

Winter Frolic! (closeup)

hair ... Over the Edge / by Exile
tattoo ... Magical / by Even~Tide
eyeshadow ... Cyndi Shadows - bombdigity edition / by Adored
head ... Catya / by Catwa
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink 
nails ... Dynamic Addon Stilleto / by Slink
wings ... Riven / by TRAP
outfit ... Tinkerbell Silver bra & thong (gacha) / by Sweet Lies
body ... Isis / by Belleza 
legs ... Faun Legs - long / by Gauze & TRAP
model ... Julienne / by Devae.
pose ... Silent Line 2 / by Di's Opera 
facial pose ... bento Facial expression HUD / by Happy Dispatch
location ... Moochie
windlight ... 3pm / by Poly 

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January 1, 2018

Hello Bright Eyes

Hello Bright Eyes

May 2018 be more beautiful, more strange, more bright, and more kind <3

eyes ... Mystic / by Kosmetik
These eyes are lovely and strange, with a nice subtle color fade and dreamy reflection. Available in OMEGA appliers, CATWA appliers, and mesh contacts, you can pick these up at The Makeover Room, until January 26th.

makeup ... Vintage makeup gift / by Alaskametro<3
Truly lovely and classy eyeshadows and lipsticks are brought together in all the possible options you could want. I'm wearing classic tattoo layers here, with a matte lipstick layered over a glossy. These were recently available at the Second Life (tm) sponsored Shop & Hop, so hopefully they'll show up at the Alaskametro<3 mainshop soon!

background decor ... Leava Panel / by Plastik 
This lovely piece of decor is really fun to play around with. It has many textures, changeable via HUD, and has materials variations with color shine to match the textures. Plus it's mod/copy, so you can tint and adjust to match your setup! Recently at The Liaison Collaborative, expect it to show up at Plastik's new main shop soon!

hair ... Gin / by eXxEsS
horns ... Aaravali with magnolia flowers / by Plastik
eyebrows ... Glimmer in bronze / by Alaskametro <3
nosering ... Septum Ring style 39 / by MONS
skin ... Lady Venom, tone 0 / by Alaskametro <3
tattoo ... Frosted / by Even~Tide
eyes ... Occularum2 / by Sinful Needs 
pose ... 33.3 / by Di's Opera
model ... Heka / by Devae.
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November 21, 2017

It's been a long year

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Long ass year, yo. And still a month to go. But here's to some gratitude for the life we've got, and some hope for the new year.

Everything's gonna be OK.

art ... Thanksgiving.foil / by Kosmetik, at Fi*Friday until Nov. 22, so hurry!
jewelry ... Stretch / by Plastik, in shop soon!
lips ... Eilis / by Zibska, at District 20
eyelashes ...  Eyelashes.glamour / by Kosmetik, at Fi*Friday until Nov. 22, so hurry!
eyeshadow ... Frosting / by alaskametro, at  Candy Fair 5
skin ... Harmony, tone 4 / by alaskametro, mainstore release!
pose ... Fame Monster / by NANTRA, at ULTRA until Dec. 8th

- Styling -  

top ... Justine Outfit / by Sn@tch
hair ... Lab.022 / by booN
eyes ... Grimalkin: Renaissance / by Devae.
ears ... Hob / by Soul
nails ... Addon Stilleto / by Slink
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
head ... Catya / by Catwa
body ... Isis / by Belleza
model ... Grace / by Devae.

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November 16, 2017



Aren't I ferocious?  >_>

skin ... Solace (tone 5) / by alaskametro, at Sad November until Dec. 2nd
horns ... Filigren / by Plastik, at We Love Roleplay until Nov. 30th
tail & cuffs ... Rona / by Plastik, gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival until Dec. 7th
eyes ... Lili Murke / by Plastik,for Once Upon a Nightmare hunt  - pick up the HUD in the shop!
eyeshadow ... Damia / by Zibska, at Enchantment until Nov. 30th
lips ... Soul Eater Lips (black soul edition) / by Adored, at We Love Roleplay until Nov. 30th
cheeks ... Dream Powder / by La Malvada Mujer, at We Love Rolplay until Nov. 30th
nailpolish ... Gel Nails.together / by Kosmetik, at Applique
poses ... Fame Monster / by NANTRA, at ULTRA until Dec. 8th

Rawr (close up)

- Styling -
hair ... Darkness Falls / by Magika (tinted)

head ... Catya / by Catwa
ears ... Hob / by Soul
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
nails ... Addon Stilleto / by Slink
pasties ... Tara Pastie (copper) / by Yasum
cover ... Tara Heat Cover (copper) / by Yasum
body ... Isis / by Belleza
legs ... Faun Legs - Long / by Gauze & Trap
model ... Grace / by Devae.

wall deco ... "Dreamer Light Art" - Glitter Oval (blue) / by CIRCA
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Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)