June 30, 2019


Pride <3
Happy Pride, SL!

I've been queer for a long long time, but it was only this year that I really realized how queer, probably partially because I am married to someone that makes me look cissex and heterosexual, so I never really needed to question much ... though I did, eventually, anyway. I'm grey-asexual (extremely low sex drive, but highly sensual anyway), I'm panromantic (your gender has no bearing on whether I'll fall in love with you), and I'm pretty non-binary too - no gender feels like it's mine. And now that I look back at my life I find that, actually, the signs were all there. Typical, isn't it?

Pride :p

  • eyeshadow . Amalure eyemakeup / by Zibska (coming to mainstore!)
  • lips . Folia / by Zibska (coming to mainstore!)
  • eyes . Hive Eyes / by Lovely Alien
  • collar . Luna choker / by Spookshow @ OxXxcuro Event until the end of today!
  • horns . Dyscorda barbed / by Sinful Needs
  • pose - Mr. Pointy / by NANTRA

  • dress . Cole / by RAPTURE
  • skin . Araxxis Albino / by Plastik
  • hair . Rise Above / by Exile
  • ears . Troll / by Soul
  • teeth . The Sharps / by ContraptioN
  • head . Catya / by Catwa
  • body . Lara / by Maitreya
  • face pose . bento Facial expression HUD / by Happy Dispatch
  • backdrop . Globo -  Immortal Dreams / by The Bearded Guy

Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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