June 6, 2018

Vintage Fair, episode 00: Gee Whiz, Let's Play Hookie and Sneak into the Fairgrounds!

Vintage Fair, episode 00: Sneak Peak!

Vintage Fair 2018 is very very near!

Opening on the 8th of June (that's this Friday, chums!), this dynamite event features so many amazing creators it'll make your head spin! You'll have to come back for more every time. The event will be open for 2 weeks and change but you can join the group "The Pale Girl Productions Info Group" to get demos and teasers without having to brave the crowds! I do recommend going at least once, though - the sim build, by Culprit, is utterly lovely and well worth whatever it takes to get in!

Want a peek at the delicious goods? Click here for the shopping guide!

An important reminder: The first week of the fair will have an avatar complexity limit of 50k. That means you'll be kicked from the sim if you try to fly in with more! So be sure to check your avie's complexity before making your teleport attempts :)
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