April 14, 2018



There are actually several things I'm looking forward to. But, in particular, is LL's "Bakes On Mesh" project! Wondering what that is? It's the ability to bake your system avatar layers on the meshs you are wearing - for those of us that miss some of our oldies but goldies, this is an exciting prospect!

You can test it out right now on a project viewer, just I've done for the image above. Yes, that's right, my Maitreya body and Catwa head are wearing skins and makeups and clothing that have never been made into appliers. Kinda cool, don't you think? Check out Strawberry Singh's blog for more!

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all the pretty things

pose ... Sight Unseen set / by NANTRA @ ULTRA, open tomorrow!
nailpolish ... Etherial Luna / by Kosmetik @ TWE12VE!

* Bakes On Mesh *
lipstick ... Lucir in Rubyfruit / by [mock] Cosmetics
eyeshadow ... Elva in Scarlett / by Zibska (unavailable)
face tattoo ... Soul Ink Reloaded - Capri / by Plastik (on MP)
skin ... Cosmic Joanna, past / by MIASNOW (unavailable)
bra ... Valerian in Aqu / by Plastik (on MP)
fingertip mask ... Fingertip gloves (tintable) / by HEX (unavailable)

eyes ... Follies in red / by Frick
nails ... Stiletto - short / by #EMPIRE
hair ... Over the Edge / by Exile
wings ... Succubus / by Gauze & TRAP
head ... Catya / by Catwa
body ... Lara / by Maitreya
shape ... for pose set / by NANTRA
face pose ... bento Facial Expression HUD / by Happy Dispatch

windlight ... SCIFI - Touchness / by Torley
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Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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