March 10, 2018

Skin Fair 2018, Episode 2: Zibska, LAQ, & Cree~moi

Skin Fair 2018, Episode 2: Zibska, LAQ, & Cree~moi

the head ... Neve mocap / by LAQ

As the name says, the animations and expressions for this head were recorded by motion capture, and the results are exquisite, giving a range of feeling from exaggerated to subtle, and it's really fun to play with.

But that's not all this head has to offer! The HUD has a ton of options, including being able to make the eyelashes longer or shorter which is freaking awesome, and the materials really give the head a lovely look when you turn on the shadows. But my favorite feature means I get to dust off all my system eyes from a million years ago and give them some life again: the head comes with an eye overlay that gives your regular system eye a shine that doesn't move with the eye, so it looks much more realistic! Now this will work best with eyes that don't already have shine baked in, but honestly it looked beautiful with every eye I tried. OH! And the head comes with OMEGA already installed. Seriously, just put it on and you are ready to go!

Skin Fair 2018, Episode 2: Zibska, LAQ, & Cree~moi

the shape ... Lilya for LAQ Neve / by Cree~moi

Shapes for mesh heads and bodies are really so useful because it can give you a decent starting point to make your own shape. Plus, beautiful shape maker really bring out the character of the meshes they are made for. This shape, made especially for the Neve head by LAQ, gives it a haughty, beautiful, and refined look, perfect for staring into the distance and being mysterious ;) The skin package comes with shape options for Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies, so you can pick the one you use and you're ready to go!

Skin Fair 2018, Episode 2: Zibska, LAQ, & Cree~moi

the makeup ... Deitra eyeshadow & Ahne lipstick / by Zibska

If you follow my blogging exploits at all, you'll know that I wear a LOT of Zibska. Her work is always fun, avant garde, bright, rich, and varied, and I never tire of wearing it. The sets she's released for Skin Fair are no exception! Her packs almost always come with appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega (unless they are an exclusive), so you've got a really wide range of options. And all the different colors are just delicious. .In this series of photos I used the blush/freckle layer of the face for the eyeshadow so I could use Neve's eyeliner too (and it works great btw).

Skin Fair 2018, Episode 2: Zibska, LAQ, & Cree~moi

the skin ... Kate, tone 1 / by alaskametro<3

Yeah, I'm sneaking another of her skins in here because I can! I just think she makes the most exquisite skins and I find they work well on every head and body I try them on. This particular face is the OMEGA/classic avatar offfering at alaskametro's Skin Fair booth, and since it's OMEGA you can wear it on actually a lot of different heads! It's lovely and you should totally give it a whirl.

All above designers are linked to their fair booths!

And click here for a list of participating designers!
Other Ingredients

hair ... Good Vibes / by Magika (new hair AND new textures!)
first nailpolish ... manicure from Kate skin / by alaskametro<3
second nailpolish ... Spring Fever Red / by Kosmetik (@ The Avenue)
first eyes ... Starry Redux / by Devae. (unreleased)
second eyes ... Neve Bento eyes / by LAQ
underwear ... Gardenia Lingerie / by alaskametro<3
body ... Lara / by Maitreya
poses ... Fame Monster & Silent Movie / by NANTRA
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Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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