February 18, 2018

Don't Magic Drunk

Transformation Complete!

And with the final incantion, and the serum injected, my new form is revealed!

The Altar of Change

But wait a minute ... 

Wait a minute ...

I don't know how to change back! Well shit, now what?


I guess I might as well enjoy the view.

altar paraphernalia ... Daynale Incense set & Elemental Plinths / by Plastik
Mysterious tools to add to your witchy altar, you'll find these at The Coven until Feb. 28th

eyeshadow ... Razmig / by Zibska
lipstick ... Agafia / by Zibska
Gorgeous as always, and looks really good on weird colored skin - which is not always easy to do! Available at We Love Role-Play

 tattoo ... Spatter Fae in black / by Overrrart
Created by an avatar I've admired for years, this tattoo is a *spectacular* addition to anyone's fantasy avatar kit, especially since it can act as a kind of modesty cover for your nips (but you will still need something for your undercarriage!). It comes with both OMEGA applier and system tattoo so you don't have to own a mesh body! Their other work is just as fantastic and I highly recommend you check them out!

floor pentagram ... Aura (gacha common) / by Deadly Nightshade
This is not new, but I hadn't featured it before - and it is so fun to play with! Made by a couple of friends of mine, it uses advanced lighting to project the pentagram on the ground and, though I have it turned off for the pic, a well made particle storm to go with it. Perfect for demon and mystical avatars, go give the gacha a spin!

jewelry ... Voracious set / by Plastik
 feathers ... Angel / by Pucca Firecaster Creations
 skin ... Eirtae - Sarya / by Lumae
hair ... Skye / by Wasabi Pills
eyeballs ... Occularum 2 / by Sinful Needs
ears ... Blix / by Soul
head ... Lulu / by Akeruka
body ... Lara / by Maitreya
horns ... Faze / by Cubic Cherry
tail ... Mora Spade (gacha RARE) / by Plastik

Travelling Potions Gacha ... Goblet RARE, Syringe RARE & Satchel - noir / by Plastik
altar ... Spook Table (gacha) / by Plastik
lamps ... Boora Light (gacha) / by Plastik
mirror ... Rainala Mirror / by Plastik
wardrobe ... Lexington Cabinet / by Plastik
string lights ... Twinkle Fairylights / by Vespertine
building ... Palmer Lodge / by Trompe Loeil

poses ... Necro / by Stonerella
windlight ... Phototools - Dream Book 01
location ... The Witch's Dream House
(still working on setting it up, barely furnished, but you are welcome to drop in anyway)
✥   ✥   ✥
Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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