January 12, 2018

History Is An Angel

History Is An Angel

"... He said: History is an angel
being blown
into the future ... "

History Is An Angel

"... He said: History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm
from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards
into the future
And this storm,
this storm
is called Progress"
~ The Dream Before, by Laurie Anderson

History Is An Angel (close up)

poses ... Going For Gold / by NANTRA
An excellently crafted set of bento poses, inspired by classic competitive ice skating moves. They are very athletic and emotive and I think easily used for things like dance and flying, too! Go pick them up at the January round of The Liaison Collaborative!

eyes ... Charm / by Kosmetik
Lovely and realisitc, I really like the depth of color in these eyes. They come in color packs so you can just get the ones you want, and like all Kosmetik eyes come with mesh contacts, Catwa, and Omega appliers (which makes me a happy camper!). Pick them up at this month's round of TWE12VE.

tattoo ... Mosaic Spots GG / by Even~Tide
I love Even~Tide's tattoos. They're always really interesting and frequently things you can't find anywhere else, usually focused on RP-type effects, like scales, striping or spots for unusual races, or battle scars, or magic looking effects. They do OMEGA appliers, but they also still do classic layers, which I really appreciate! And, one of the advantages of hitting up their subscriber is that you get gorgeous group gifts like this one in your inventory! I'm not sure if you can pick up past gifts, but even if you can't, you should totally sign up for the next one!
skin ... Eirtae in Aurae / by Lumae
This skin is not a new one, but I wanted to highlight it because a) it's super gorgeous and we need more skin colors in the grid, and b) Lumae has extended their sale for a bit while they recover from the insidious winter flu infecting everyone. So! Go getchyoo some really lovely skins for really bargain prices while you still can!

hair ... Soyala / by Adoness
head ... Catya / by CATWA
eyeballs ... Occularum 2 / by Sinful Needs
bikini ... Nexus Cyber Bikini / by A&Y
wings ... Luna's Living Wings / by Violet Vixen
hands ... Dynamic / by Slink
body ... Isis / by Belleza
model ... Hester / by Devae.
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Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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