September 30, 2017

More Like A Needle

More Like A Needle

If I were a weapon
you said I'd be a gun
lethal at close range, I guess
with silencer and stun

I feel more like a needle
always pulling on the thread
always making the same point again
and wondering if you hear what I just said.

~ "If I Were A Weapon" by Suzanne Vega

nailpolish ... Gel Nails.foil tip / by Kosmetik, for SPOTLIGHT, Oct. 1st!

- Styling -
strange spiky landscape ... Mirna / by Zibska, for Rock Your Rack 2017, until Oct. 14th!

hands & nails ... Dynamic Bento / by Slink
pose ... Insanity Set #4 / by Focus Poses
windlight sky ... Pleasant 1 / by Poly
windlight water ... Blackwater (edited)
(image taken underwater)

✥   ✥   ✥
Image taken in the virtual platform of Second Life (tm)

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