January 24, 2014

Cosmetics Fair, Winter Edition (#2!)

Oh ho! I really wasn't sure I'd manage a second post, but HERE I AM. Ha! Take that universe! *shakes tiny fist at the heavens* ... ahem, anyway, ON TO THE GOOD STUFF -

Cosmetics Fair! Only 5 more days! Read below the pic/cut for details!

Insinuate: Cosmetics Fair, Winter #2

The Cosmetics
This look is deceptively simple to put together because of Chic Zafari's truly amazing eye shadow "Make Shadow Couture" in Purpuin. Their work is a tad expensive for my impulse buying habits (100L for a single eye shadow tattoo), but the quality really makes the price worth it. Every piece is dramatic, intense, and well made. They also come with an eyebrow shaper, which I am wearing here, so you can always be assured you'll be able to make it look smooth if your regular eyebrow shaper doesn't do the job.

I've paired it with Random Matter's "Glossy Chapstick" in Crush to add a bit of juicy warmth to the cool glittery colors. I have a love of sticky, translucent looking lipstick and this set doesn't disappoint. Plenty of lovely colors to play with too!

*Not* at the Fair, but ...
The eye shadow didn't need anything on top, of course, but I thought my cheeks could use a touch of color. I didn't pick up any blush at the Fair, so I dug into my collection of Mock Cosmetics blushes and found a pretty, soft dash of peach in their "Winter Rainbow Collection Blush" in Terra Rose. Mock is a standby for me, their makeup is exceptional and they provide a lot of accent type things (like blush) that can finish a look with perfection.

The Hair
I am *so* excited about this hair, and it's all thanks to Rhojen (thank you!). I have a hard time finding hair that is unconventional and at the same time doesn't cover the face - which is something I need for blogging things like makeup, as well as for making vendor images for my shop. Mohawks of course frequently do the job, but sometimes I'm looking for something that covers up the bare sides of my skull. And this beautiful thing by booN really takes the cake for me! So, it's actually TWO pieces: there is a cornrow base (it's literally titled "cornrows hairbase" lol) that is an actual attachment, rather than a tattoo layer (yay! more tattoo layers for MAKEUP), and included a HUD to change the color of the skin piece. There are currently four cornrow add ons you can pick up at booN that are all really beautiful (and maybe I'll show you one of them later :P). But I am a rebel, of course, I went wandering in the shop and found the lovely dreaded top piece "BAS760" you see in these pics! Take note: breaking convention has it's advantages!

Insinuate: the awesomest hair detail :D
A better look at the hair
The Collar
This collar is not new, but I wanted to bring attention to it anyway. It's called "Dena'ina (donut)" and it's by Plastik. Plastik always makes really lovely and striking things, and the jewelry is no exception. This particular piece has add on texture change HUDs that really allow for a lot of great customization, and there are several different versions featuring different type pendants. It's really worth a look.

As for the rest ...
Skin is "Anima Mae" by .{Rue}.
Horns are "Fool Deux" & "Archivist" in Horn by .{Rue}.
Ears are "Sylph" by Illusions
Eyes are "Pearl" in Duo Blue by Umeboshi

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel

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