November 23, 2013

Look what I found at Shoetopia!

Against my better judgment, I went to Shoetopia. My wallet is still protesting its rapid weight loss, but I came away with some really amazing and fun things to play with!

Shoetopia 1v1

Mirror & Pouff
"Boutique Loft" Swirl Pouff in Sage Velvet & "Boutique Loft" Nouveau Mirror Silver RARE by CIRCA
These can be gotten from CIRCA's gacha at Shoetopia. There's a ton of different colors and poses for the pouffs and 2 styles of mirrors that are rare prizes. I love simple furniture like this, they make great props that are classy and easy to work with.

Top & Pants
"Lizard Leather Pants" in aqua & "Brava Corset Top" in jade from the Brava outfit by Sn@tch. These aren't the newest releases, but they are still awesome! Remember - system layers are still useful! Especially because they don't force your avatar to deform in really weird ways when it sits :P

Shoetopia 1v2

"Fruti-Booti" by KoiKoi, found at Shoetopia, of course! Oh goodness I love these shoes - they are weird and sleek and futuristic and funky. I bought the fatpack, which I believe allows me to mix and match the colors you on the shoes with the fatpack HUD. I could be wrong, since I didn't get individual colors, but you may have less options that way. Still, even as a solid color, these are pretty great :D

Slink Nail Appliers
"Les Vernis Classics 1" (for both fingernails and toenails) by Ma Vie, also a Shoetopia gacha!

Shoetopia 1v3

Another lovely gacha prize from Shoetopia! "Aggy's Necklace [Silver Tarnish]" in Beryl by :{MV}:. I think this necklace is really beautiful and I was quite pleased that it went so well with my getup.

"Throwback Two" in silver by Ellabella! I love almost everything Ellabella puts out, and I especially love that they continue to do more minimalist pieces like this one amongst all the beautiful complex pieces they do too. This one is at the Rockabilly Fair until midnight tonight, and then will be in the Ellabella shop sometime after that.

"Giselle" in Java by JOLI. Came with lots of appliers, though the only ones I use are for the Slink hands and feet. All JOLI skins were on sale for very cheap recently, and they might still be! If you like this one, you should go check them out!

"Digital Madness" in S.E. mindfuck by Stringer Mausoleum. These were special for MadCity, which is long over, but I'm hoping Helena puts them up in the shop, because they are pretty awesome.

"Divina" by Gaeline Creations, my go-to.

"Double Duster" mohawk by Stringer Mausoleum. I don't believe this colorfade will be available ever again, but the hawk in one color or another will be. It's a fun one. The hairbase is "The Core" from MADesigns - I like their shaved hairbases a lot because they're tintable. Being able to tint things to go together is really important for me (not every shade of red is created equal!), and can be a total dealbreaker when I'm deciding whether to purchase something. Remember: Modify is your friend!


And last but definitely not least - a shout out to the very kind avatar who told me, much to my surprise, that not only did she read my blog, but she enjoyed it! So thank you for the vote of confidence, it's much appreciated, and you can consider this blog post dedicated to you <3

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel