October 28, 2013

To the Graveyard: DV8 Pandora Cyberfalls

There comes a time when all things must go to the mythical inventory in the sky, so that in this earthly mortal realm my sad overstuffed inventory can lose some weight.

So, one last (and probably first) picture before the long sleep, dear hair. Let me make you look pretty.

To the Graveyard: DV8 Pandora Cyberfalls

"Pandora Cyberfalls" by DV8, long since closed and not available.

"Erica #1" lips by La Malvada Mujer
"Bensu Eyeliner" in purple by Bens Beauty
You can find both of these at the Cosmetics Fair: Fall edition until the 30th! Hurry!

"Luminous Eyes" in Sundial by Ibanez
"Divina" mesh eyelashes by Gaeline Creations

"Anima Mae" by .{Rue}.

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<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel

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