October 21, 2013

SYS-Project October

EVENT: Structure Your Skin Project
SYSP is a monthly event where a selection of skin designers offer new or special editions of their skins for 99L a piece. For an obsessive skin addict like me, SYSP offers a way to feed my addiction without breaking the bank! The skins are usually humanesque, though there are occasional fantasy colors and makeups.

This month, I came away with two that I thought looked lovely and interesting on my newest shape...

SKIN: Jasmin (in sunkissed) by WoW Skins
A lovely coffee colored skin without too much orange in the mix (I'm very picky about tans). There aren't any appliers in the package, but there is a note saying that appliers can be acquired separately at the shop.

SYS-Project October: WoW Skins

SKIN: Ping (in dune) by Modish
There are actually 4 tones on offer at SYSP and they all are quite pretty. I ended up picking up two - this one and a darker one. There weren't any appliers in the package and I haven't checked to see if I can pick them up at the shop.

SYS-Project October: Modish

LINGERIE: Sasha (in white) by Reasonable Desires
This gorgeous lingerie set is a steal at 75L per color (there are 6 colors) OR you can stalk the lucky chairs to try to win it! You can also pick up Lola Tango appliers for an additional 50L per colors

HAIR: Brenna (essentials pack) from elikatira
Simple and sweet, Brenna's Essentials pack is the VIP group gift from elikatira! After a period of quite, elikatira has released three hairs with a new HUD system and some fade color options.

EYELASHES: Divina by Gaeline Creations
I feel naked without these! Gaeline has several styles, but I happen to like these the most because of their winginess and their dimensionality. The HUD that comes with Gaeline's mesh lashes for fitting and tinting is pretty awesome and makes them one of my favorite eyelashes I've come across.

EYES: Pearl 2 (August group gift) by Umeboshi

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel

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