July 16, 2013

Hair Fair 2013, Hairoin, and Plastik

Hair Fair is upon us once again! It's a time of finding new hair shops and rediscovering old ones, of celebrating designers' creativity in the service of charity, and just generally having some SL fun - including showing off our favorite hairs!

For my first exhibition, I bring you one of my long time favorites: Hairoin, by Elke Banting. Elka makes some really cool and fun hairs, with lots of punk, fantasy, and goth influence, so if you're ever looking for something in those styles I *definitely* recommend checking out her shops (she also owns Kiss Hair). One of my very favorite things about her hair is her color collections - there's a huge amount, and the colors are rich, glossy, and gorgeous. And this is a little weird and geeky, but I love her color and colorpack names - they're dark and clever and coordinated. So far, all her hairs are sculpt and prim, which works just fine for me - I don't ever have to deal with the issue of mesh missing and needing to relog just to see it, and it generally gives me a lot more control over fitting. Speaking of which - her hairs are always mod AND include a resize script, so get the best of both worlds.

I'm also complimenting these hairs with lots of things from Aikea Rieko, of Plastik, who is currently having a storewide 50% off sale through July 25th! Yes, that means you should get your butt over there and pick up all those things you've been wanting! I really enjoy her textures, the sexy and elegant cut of her clothes, and the really lovely things she does with her skins. If you've never been, now's the time to check this stuff out and give it a try on a discount!

Hair the first: Dawn

Hair Fair 2013 - Hairoin Dawn
- le credz -

HAIR . "Dawn" in Miste (Voodoo pack), by Elka Banting / Hairoin

skin . "Ataciara Elven" in Nautical, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyes . "Aleria Collection" in Seelie-Blu, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
tattoo . "Tribal Tattoo" medium tintable, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
makeup . "Killer Makeup" no. 0, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyelashes . "Felicia", by Gael Streeter / Gaeline Creations
piercing . "Kerli V2" lite, by ellantha Larsson / Ellabella
wings . "Columba Wings" (tinted), by Siyu Suen / Illusions
dress . "Aeris Dress" in Genie, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

pose . Katey Coppola / Glitterati
location . Heartseed

Hair the second: Bastion

Hair Fair 2013 - Hairoin Bastion

- le credz -

HAIR . "Bastion" in Hades (Hell pack), by Elka Banting / Hairoin

skin . "Arkasia" in Bras (darkness makeup), by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyes . "Vaele Collection" in Eyre-Hazel (tinted), by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
tattoo . "Haila Tattoo Simple" full dot 50, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyelashes . "Divina", by Gael Streeter / Gaeline Creations
face piercing . "Vaeface", by ellantha Larsson / Ellabella
chest piercing . "TV Piercing 10 Prt. 2" in Frost (tinted), by Aydan Darcy / Haus of Darcy
dress . "Vex Dress" in Mermaid, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

pose . Trinity Graves / In-Pose! (formerly Avante Poses)
location . Resonant Osmosis

Hair the third: Arista

Hair Fair 2013 - Hairoin Arista

- le credz -

HAIR . "Arista" in Incubus (Demon pack), by Elka Banting / Hairoin

skin . "Astrali" in Stratus, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyes . "Vaele Collection" in MeteorPurple, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
tattoo . "Feathers" faded, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
makeup . 
  "Couture Eyeliner" outliner, by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna / Lovely Mi
  "Lux #2" full, by faina Cortes / La Malvada Mujer
  "Demon Fades" Aanh, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
  "Lucious Lipgloss" in crazy, by ekilem / Mons
eyelashes . "Inverted Crown", by Maxi Gossamer / Maxi Gossamer Accessories
earrings. "Chrysalis" in Anemone, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
top . "Little Ghost" in Mother, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

pose . Willa Whybrow / Don't Freak Out!
location . Aught

Hair the fourth: Fiona

Hair Fair 2013 - Hairoin Fiona

- le credz -

HAIR . "Fiona" in Abyss (Dead pack), by Elka Banting / Hairoin

skin . "Aleria Elven" in Gunmetal (Beautiful makeup), by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyes . "Oni Collection" in Cumulus-Lilac, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyelashes . "Felicia", by Gael Streeter / Gaeline Creations
necklaces . "Corda Keymaster" black, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
dress . "Courtesan" in CyberLover, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

location . Worlds End Garden

Hair the final: Sparrow

Hair Fair 2013 - Hairoin Sparrow

- le credz -

HAIR . "Sparrow" in Ritual (Voodoo pack), by Elka Banting / Hairoin

skin + ears . "Bael Elven" in Glow, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
eyes . "Frozen Soul Collection" in Ice, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
tattoo . "Mechanical Fern" worn, by Jesseaitui Petion / Aitui
makeup . 
  "Arkasia Makeups" cateyes, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
  "Dazzle Multi Eyeshadow" no. 1, by Gemini Galatea / Blacklace Beauty
  "Smoothie LipColor" in Another Mahogany (lip 0), by Mocksoup Graves / MOCK Cosmetics
eyelashes . "Felicia", by Gael Streeter / Gaeline Creations
earrings . "Daedalus Earrings" in War, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
collar . "Dena'ina Collar" donut, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik
top . "Daunting Fate Corset" in Pious-Rave, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

pose . Adorkable Peapod / Adorkable Poses
location . Inaka

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel

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