June 18, 2013

Less than 2 days of The Wash Beach Party Sale!

If you've been looking for some fun summer things to fill your days with, hurry over to the The Wash Beach Party Sale ASAP! Everything is mostly 10L, with a few special exclusives at 50L. It's last day is tomorrow, so you have less than 48 hours to pick up some great deals!

skin . "Amelie" in tone 2, by Amesha Jewell / Aeva
hair . "R.Red" in black/teal shine, by Helena Stringer / Stringer Mausoleum
eyes . "Mermaid Scales" in deep weeds by Helena Stringer / Stringer Mausoleum
makeup (lips & eyes) . "Mermaid" in teal, by Seraph Kegel / Sqeek!
bikini . "Temptation" in zebra, by Sira Savira / 1 Hundred
raft + food . "Laze'n Floaty Raft" in lime, by Cherelle Capra / CIRCA

Location: Baja Norte (a really lovely beach where you can *rez* if you are in the group)

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