June 20, 2013

Cosmetics Fair: Summer Edition!

I love makeup in Second Life. I cannot explain why, beyond the rather obvious notion of being able to further customize how my avatar looks. There is something magical to me about the whole makeup thing, though, something about how much it can transform how I appear. All of which means I get a little freaky about the cosmetics fairs! I was pretty excited to hear there'd be a summer edition of Cosmetics Fair, and saved up just to buy a whole lot of makeup. And I did. I mean, a lot.So now I get to torture you with all my delicious goodies I picked up. Check this stuff out!

I love to layer, and Nuuna's makes really amazing makeups to layer with. Here I've used "iVi" (in pink) on the bottom, "Halftone" (in aqua), and "makeup 3" from her Makeups v14 pack. It's worth noting that, while I didn't for this post, you can totally tint all her makeups at the fair! How cool is that?? For me, it's a major bonus!

I've paired Nuuna's eyemakeups with the lovely, juicy, glossy Lustre Lips (in Daring) from Action. I can sometimes be pretty picky about the lipstick I wear - I need it to be dimensional and interesting, fit on top of the skins I wear without showing any weird lines, and I find I really like shiny. For me, these fit the bill.

Pile number 2 - on the very bottom I've used one of elymode's new "powder fades" (red/purple). These work really nice on the bottom because they can give your more detailed makeups some nice background color, which you can use to either make the top layers pop, or make them fade away for a more ethereal type look. Then the other 2 Nuuna's makeups she's offered - "Triip" and "Ara", (both in blue) - these provide the radiating blue lines in this look (and, like the previous makeups, are fully tintable!). I then capped it off with a.e.meth's "Egyptian Glam II" (in dark gold), a really lovely and fun eyeliner. I've paired these with Blacklace Beauty's "Passion Lips" (in Royal Purple). I love these lips, they have a really lovely gemlike quality, and kind of look like jelly (omnom)

NOT at Cosmetics Fair - But you NEED it anyway ...
skin . "Anima" in Mae tone(no brows), by Ruina Kessel / .{Rue}.
(1st) hair . "Bad Reputation" by Kavar Cleanslate / Exile
(2nd) hair . "Delirium" using Sparkle Princess HUD, by Alice Demonia / Alice Project
horns . "Fool Deux" in wrought iron (ridged), by Ruina Kessel / .{Rue}.
(1st) eyes . "Luminous Eyes" in Bloodstone by Annie Ibanez / Ibanez
(2nd) eyes . "iSpirit" in Bloodstone, by Naomi Afterthought / SugarPill
eyelashes . "Felicia" mesh lashes by Gael Streeter / Gaeline Creations
ears . "Sylph ears" by Siyu Suen / Illusions
jewelry . "Bree" necklace, by Lokii Violet / :{MV}: (gacha at the Thriftshop event! go play!)
tanktop . "Cool View" in Purple/Turq, by Aikea Rieko / Plastik

poses . by Katey Coppola / Glitterati (closing sale, ends on the 30th!)

(more later, I bet!)

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