March 27, 2013

What you need @ Skin Fair: Skindustrial Bodywerks

The Skin: "Tribal Skin" by Zinti / Skindustrial Bodywerks @ The Skin Fair!

Black/Red pack, Black/White pack, Red/White pack, plain skin

One of the most unique and intriguing collection of skins for me at Skin Fair is Skindustrial Bodywerks' Tribal skins. Inspired by real life tribal body paint, these skin sets come with a lot of goodies. Each pack includes several makeups, a plain unpainted skin, and matching rigged mesh feet! Their only drawback is that all the skins are cleavage only, so I recommend using these with clothing. They're a wonderful excuse to break out that tribal, shaman, or gorean outfit you keep meaning to wear. The best part? The packs are really inexpensive, so totally worth picking up one or three!

Insinuate: Skin Fair/Skindustrial Bodywerks 3
Black/Red pack
Insinuate: Skin Fair/Skindustrial Bodywerks 2
Black/White pack

Insinuate: Skin Fair/Skindustrial Bodywerks 4
Red/White pack

The Hair: "Khrystina" in auburn, by Kallisti Burns / dDx (formerly Discord Designs)
Insinuate: Skin Fair/Skindustrial Bodywerks 5
I wanted to find a really great hair to wear with these fun skins, so I went hunting through a couple of my favorite shops, and I found the *perfect* hair at dDx - Khrystina. In fact, I loved it so much I picked up the fatpack, even though I'm trying to save up after my skinfair haul!

The Rest:
Eyes: "Grimalkin" in ancient (haunted pack), by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}.
Poses, respectively:
"Top Model Spring 2012: Intros - Tyra"
"Top Model Spring 2012: Urban Love - AzMarie"
"Top Model Spring 2011 Makeovers - Monique"
"I Love Being A Girl 2"
"I Love Being A Girl 7"
by RubyStarlight Writer / Exposeur
Backdrop: "Mottled" in pumpkin, by annemarit.jarvinen / Katink

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