March 29, 2013

What you need @ Skin Fair: the final countdown! no. 2

(skin fair epic finale, continued from part 1)

The Plastik, Sim Fair sim 2

"Astrali" by aikea.rieko / Plastik
Hair: "Sultana" in sabbat, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Nude 7" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

KOOQLA, Skin Fair Sim 1

Skins: "Mango" by Rocketta Haven / KOOQLA
Hair: "Antonella" in cosmos & abyss, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Pin up 9" & "Pin up 10" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Pink Fuel, Skin Fair Sim 2

Skins: "Alyx" by mochi.milena / Pink Fuel
Hair: "Insidious" in affliction, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Pin up 8" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

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