March 29, 2013

What you need @ Skin Fair: the final countdown! no.1

The end of Skin Fair swiftly approaches (March 31st is the last day, kids!), and because I am obsessive, I'm posting everything I got! I'll break it down into bit size chunks for you, though, because that seems like the nice thing to do. No commentary, either, just who & where, quick & clean. Ready? Set? Go, chunk the first!

Le Petite Morte, Skin Fair Sim 1

Skins: "Madison" by voshie.paine / Le Petite Morte
Hair: "Neoteric" in desire & stygian, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Nude 1" & "Nude 5" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Modish, Skin Fair Sim 2

Skins: "Seane" by ele.brandi / Modish
Hair: "Meena" in twisted, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Nude 8" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Ploom, Skin Fair Sim 1

Skins: "Harlowe" by Helyanwe Vindaloo / Ploom
Hair: "Voodoo Child" in poe, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Nude 6" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

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