March 29, 2013

What you need @ Skin Fair: the final countdown! no. 4

(Skin fair epic finale, continued from part 3)

This one's a bit long, sorry about that. But look! Pretty skins!

Alchemy, Skin Fair Sim 1

Skins: "Elfin" (includeds the ears) by nina.helix Alchemy
Hair: "Empire" in haunt, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Milliner 5" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Apple May Design, Skin Fair Sim 2

This is from the set of discounted skins Apple May has up at her skin fair booth.

Skins: "Elfin" by Apple May / Apple May Design
Hair: "Demona" in heretic, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Model Poses 004" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Step inSide, Skin Fair Sim 1

Skins: "July" by Lany Jun / Step inSide
Hair: "Dark Sun" in grave, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Model Poses 006" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

English Muffin, Skin Fair Sim 1

These are actually very cheap fun skins on the table in the middle of English Muffin's booth, cheap enough that I got all the tones. But this one is my favorite:

Skins: "ChiChi" by remain.coy / English Muffin
Hair: "Philandra" in shadows, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Model Poses 010" by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Ugly Duck, Skin Fair Sim 2

... in case you were wondering what all those skins looked like in that "experimental colors" box ...

Skins: "Elfin" by fade.lei / Ugly Duck
Hair: "Lucid" in creature, aurora, taurus, shade, fiend, wither & argent, by elke.banting / Hairoin
Poses: "Model Poses" 037, 039, 029, 025, 034, 032 & 024, by katey.coppola / Glitterati

Eyes for all countdown posts: "Jewel" in pear, by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}.


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