March 19, 2013

Something ... else

Rue Beast

Sometimes I may look human, but underneath I'm mostly beast with a sprinkling of fae and a distinct disregard for stylistic boundaries, so expect the unexpected.


Wings: "nyxus" by kazuhiro.aridian / europa
Hair: "Tashia - grape" by truth.hawks / TRUTH HAIR
Lipstick: "Lucir Lipcolor Grape Stomp" by mocksoup.graves / MOCK Cosmetics
Eyelashes: "Swallow Wings" & "Wild Full Thick" by maxi.gossamer / Maxi Gossamer Accessories
Skin: "Anima Cherelle" by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}.
Horns:  "Pyromancer", "Scholar", "Prophet" all in Alexandrite (ridged) by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}. 
Eyes: "Cassiopeia, Lagoon (tides pack)" by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}. 
Eyeliner: "Painted/Glisten" (comes with Anima/Pneuma skins) by ruina.kessel / .{Rue}. 

Pose: "Lookbook 9" by catherine.fairport / BENT (unavailable sadly)

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