March 24, 2013

Needs @ Skin Fair: Les Petits Détails' "Artica"

 This is Artica, and she's beautiful.

I've shown her here without brows, which is handy in case you have your own favorite tattoo layer eyebrows. Personally I just like the way browless looks - it's somehow more ethereal. The skin also comes with a black browed version, for those of you that prefer to save your tattoo layers for other things.

If you are not a fan of pink (like many of my friends haha), there are 5 other makeups to choose from. They are all well done and I found it hard to choose myself!

Skin: "Artica" in Ice (no brows) at Skin Fair 2013, by Nevery Lorakeet / Les Petits Détails
Hair: "Troian Mystic" in snow/monochromes pack (on sale 72% off btw!), by Helena Stringer / Stringer Mausoleum
Wings: "Archon" in white, spread, by kazuhiro.aridian / Europa
Eyes: "Dolly Eyes" in Blind (freebie!), by Snow Frostwych / By Snow
Poses: "25 Days of Poses" 15 and 17 respectively, by Adorkable Peapod / Adorkable Poses

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