July 18, 2012

Hair Fair 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Flashback to bring you breaking coverage of Second Life's Hair Fair 2012 ...

HF2012 Lelutka Bandana

Well, ok, I'm not really much of a reporter actually. Too introverted and easily confused haha! So instead, I'll ramble on about my impressions of Hair Fair, which may or may not be useful, and you'll probalby skip to the bottom to see the credits. And that is totally cool with me :)

Anyway, I went to this year's Hair Fair even though I thought I wouldn't, and I ended up spending more than I've ever spent at any Hair Fair previous (that would be 3 other fairs, I think).

I've overheard a lot of people saying this is the best hair fair ever. I'm not sure I agree, but perhaps it is simply the trick of the mind how the remembered past is always better than the present, or something (thought, honestly, I wasn't pleased with last years at all). But, let me explain my position. You see, I crave interesting and unusual things. And the first hair fair I ever went to (the aztec themed one, anyone remember what year that was?) it seemed like creators went out of their way to produce at least one truly unique hairdo, something bizarre, inventive, or off the wall. So, that is what I came to expect of hair fairs. You can imagine my disappointment in the years that came after.

So, this year, I have not found that many hairs that are not just your average everyday hair style. In fact, it seemed a little bit like a lot of creators made the same three styles with slight variations. There were a few where I honestly could not tell the difference between them. I guess I just don't find a stray lock of hair that impressive.

And yet ... I spent a crap load of money. Because the fact of the matter is, even if the styles offered were only "everyday" type styles, so very many of them were very well made, coated with lovely textures, and artfully arranged to be emotive and enticing. So, thank you to all the creators who've filled my inventory with beautiful hair, and thank you to the fair organizers for creating as painless an experience as possible (the layout of the fair is easy to navigate and not frustrating at all - kudos!).

Anyway, I'm going to try to post pics of all my loot, so expect a crapton of pictures. I apologize if they bore you. But .. HAIR. :P

Roll Credits ... 
.bandana. Faith Scarf in Vine by Lelutka (partial mesh, at Hair Fair!)
.skin. "Michelle" by Candy Doll
.bikini. Marea Bassa in Sienna by Armidi
.pose. Sand For Miles by Olive Juice (closed)

.shot on location at. Selidor
.windlight sky. Torley Sunrise - Baffin
.windlight water.Torley Subtleties
shadows and DOF used, light editing in Photoshop to smooth out the edges

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