April 3, 2012

Anima Showcase #1: Llyr

I was noticing that there's a large swath of colors in my skinlines that haven't been given much attention, and I thought perhaps it had something to do with the fact that colored skins can actually be a bit tricky to dress up. So I thought I'd do a series of showcases showing possible ways to style these intensely colored skins. So here is number 1!

Anima Showcase: Llyr
~ Details ~
. skin . "Anima / Llyr" by .{Rue}.
. horns . "PearlDiver" in Alexandrite (ridged) by .{Rue}.
. eyes . "Nereid" in siren by .{Rue}. (fishing prize!)
. makeup . "Faerie Punque" in navy (on eyes), "Hypothermia Lip Smacker" (on lips) by M.O.C.K
. hair . "Eve" in Teal 02/ Light Tips by Alice Project (tinted to match)
. outfit . "Arachne" in purple by Bare Rose
. boots . "Live Boots" in black by elikatira (tinted to match)
. pose . "Model Pose 71" by Glitterati

(No post processing this time around. I hadn't put Photoshop on my new computer yet xD)

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