January 30, 2012

Flashback: Naga

There's Snakes in the Garden
October 2008 ... Back in the days before tattoo layers, if you wanted your tattoo to be *under* your pants, it had to be underwear layers, and your pants had to be on the 'pants' layer. This snake set originally came only with underwear layers. I was desperate to wear this tattoo with it, so I message Fa Nyak (the tail creator) with a request for pants. Fa got back to me super quick and gave me my desire, and I was SO pleased I took this picture and sent it back, post haste. That tattoo is still my favorite to this day, too.

minutea ...
Emma - white (tinted) by Analog Dog
.skin. Lilith - Egyptian Bordeaux by Fallen Gods
.tattoo. Night in Kandahar by Garden of Ku
.snake-ness. Naga Av by Fa Nyak

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