September 4, 2011

Flashback: Stringer

Ruina Kessel - 7.31.2008 - private location (02)

July 2008 … I discovered Stringer Mausoleum hair, and a love affair began. <3

I post this picture not because it is especially pretty, but because for me it represents something significant in my Second Life, and even in my first. For, you see, in real life, I have now had a mohawk for a year and a half and can’t stand the idea of giving it up! :)

~ minutiae ~
.hair. “Sunoran” by Stringer Mausoleum 
.horns. by Stringer Mausoleum (don’t recall which, I’m sure they’re retired) 
.skin. by Bare Rose (don’t recall which) 
.clothes. “Basilisk Lady” by Bare Rose (I think…)

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