September 4, 2011

Flashback: Cyborg Stripper

It Came From the Deep

July, 2008 ... I thought I might want to be a dancer/stripper in SL, and so had to figure out how to take a decent application screenshot. I did end up dancing for tips for a while, but there is something about whoring my emotes out for lindens that just felt icky (and horribly exhausting), so I eventually stopped.

And anyway, I've always been much too weird for the average individual's tastes. Oh! Also! Those boots are freaking amazing. I don't know of Acid & Mala still offer them, but i still wear mine. They're made entirely out of regular prims, but you wouldn't know it to look at them. Fucking amazing.

minutea ...
.clothes. Bare Rose
.boots. Acid & Mala
.straps. Acid & Mala
.gasmask. Nebecadnezzer freebie
.tentacles. Devil Made Me Do It
.skin. Fallen Gods
.hair. Analog Dog
.location. The Abyss

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