April 10, 2011

I heart M.O.C.K

It was recently brought to my attention that some folks really do want to read details and opinions about SL items on blogs. So, I thought I'd try a different layout system for this kind of post. Onward!


Central Focus - Makeup: M.O.C.K Cosmetics
Ever since the SL viewer 2 tattoo layers were live, I have been secretly obsessed with makeup. I have bought SO MUCH it's ridiculous. When I discovered the place called Kozmetica I thought I must have died - it was heaven! A one stop shop to discover all kinds of designers that make tattoo layer makeups. Pure bliss.

In my slow careful investigation of all that Kozmetica holds, I discovered M.O.C.K. I admit, at first it didn't completely capture my attention, because I tend to seek out the weird, exotic, alien and fantastical in my SL experience, and M.O.C.K's makeup is deceptively human and realistic. But even though I'd walked by, something about the intense colors and lovely blends stuck in my mind, and I went back to really look at it. What I discovered was exquisitely lovely. From that moment I was hooked.

One of the things I'm learning from immersing myself in all that M.O.C.K Cosmetics has to offer, is the value of subtlety. I still love the bright, vibrant, rich, and intense colors. But there is something magical in the subtle glimmer of color on the lip, and a gentle sparkle around the eyes. Here I am wearing "Champagne Foiled Eyeshadow" - you'll find this awesome freebie ONLY at M.O.C.K's brand new corner of Mynerva Skins. On my lips I have one of the newest releases "Luxe Lip Color" in Lotus (veronique style) - the softest blush of rose that complimented the overall look very nicely.

Skin: Atomic
I picked up this lovely Audri skin ('bubble' makeup / porcelain tone, to be specific) at Atomic's current 50% off skin retirement sale. These skins will go away when the sale is over, so be sure to swing by before they're gone!

Hair: Analog Dog
I've been really craving long hair in SL recently (it seems I tend to want the hair I don't actually have in real life lol) and I decided to retry Analog Dog. On the recommendation of the mistress of M.O.C.K herself, Mocksoup Graves, actually. I found "Dive" (shown in onyx), this lovely, long, wavy style. It has a chest attachment too (which I am not wearing in this pic) so that you can have your hair cascade down the front of you too. The hairs with chest attachments are one of my favorite things!

A note of caution - The style *is* heavy on the 2d flexi prims with alpha textures, so I recommend keeping it on it's full bright setting, and taking your pics with the lights up. If you must stand near a background, be sure it doesn't have transparency, as this hair (like any that have alpha textures) will show the age old SL alpha glitch.

Horns: Illusions
Illusions is always first class in quality and design, and these horns are no exception. I'm wearing "Canadensis". I love the heavy chunky feel, especially on a female avatar. Like all her items it is mod, and can be bought in either copy or trans versions, as you need.

Eyes: House of Ruin / .{Rue}.
Just an old House of Ruin eye - Tonic XXX in "pheasant". I will be releasing these in a fatpack for all the folks that missed them the first time, so keep a look out if you want, or have been wanting them.

Pose: ?
The pose is either by Olive Juice or Water Sapphire, I'm sorry I don't remember which! :( They are both awesome pose designers, though, so I recommend checking them out!

Windlight & Environment
The windlight setting I used to take the original screenshot was AnaLu's studio 7. The screenshot was taken against a white backdrop and background was created in Photoshop.

Full Disclosure
I did edit the actual avatar image slightly in Photoshop to remove the sharp angles that are ever-present in the SL avatar frame, as well as take care of some obvious prim collisions.

<3 Rue

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