November 21, 2010

52 Weeks of Color: Is That A Goldenrod in Your Pocket ...?

... or you just glad to see me? Yeah, I know, it's a terrible joke lol. ANYWAY, part three of Luna's color challenge - here is MY goldenrod:

Poses by Imperial Elegance

This week I decided to bend the rules a bit and chose to use the color of the actual goldenrod flowers, rather than the color of the swatch Luna posted.

Click here to see a whole lot of what I mean.

Featuring ...
Skin .... The Plastik
Hair .... Hairoin
Eyes .... Skinthesis
Dress ... Bare Rose
Socks ... Rebel -X-
Boots ... DV8
Poses ... Imperial Elegence

<3 Rue


  1. Whee, that's intense! Just glad it's goldenrod and not Scotch Broom, or I might have an allergy attack!

  2. So outrageous!! You did a great job using all the colors... and totally awesome!

  3. Haha Terry, me too! I have to admit, though, the color's keeping me warm against the snow outside my window!

    And thank you Luna *bows*

  4. That's a fun kick, kudos on the 'warming trend' and spectacle.

    And sorta from left field, I get =so= many compliments on your exotic skins. Many thanks for your contributions to the SL grid.