June 14, 2010

BBBC: Day 2 - Bee +

Oh! Look! I remembered to blog!

SL Bloggers - Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

1. Creativity. I love to create. Creating is at the center of my soul as one of the main things I live for, and Second Life offers me so much opportunity to flex those creative muscles, AND allows me an audience to share with. Helena Stringer is a huge part of this, too, because (on top of being a great, hilarious, and interesting friend) she has done so much to support me, mentor me, and just generally help me see the potential I have, and the potential SL has. Thank you Helena, you'll always have a place in my heart. :)

2. anathema. My goddess of strangeness, my partner in crime, my elemental spirit of mysteries and sekrets, my soul-siamese-tentacle-twin, my prophet, my balance.

3. Exploration. As mentioned in my post yesterday, part of getting older has given me the ability to see beauty in everything. And I love beauty. So I love going out to seek it. And SL is the vastest virtual world for exploration. One of the fantastic thing about it is that, unlike an MMO, it's a whole lot of *different* ideas, from so many more people than you'd ever find working on a video game. I never tire of finding new places to explore in SL.
Just Enough Flowers
Taken at Embryo

RL Bloggers - Write about three positive things going on in your life.
(yep, I'm doing both :P)

1. My Husband. My husband is really one of the most fantastic people I know. He is kind, funny, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, silly, playful, compassionate, and most importantly - accepting. Even when I am at my worst, when I am angry at the world and so hurt that I lash out, when I believe no one could possibly love me, he still does - and I believe him. And all that acceptance doesn't mean that he lets me get away with being an asshole either (to others OR myself!). His love is unconditional, but he is still able to define boundaries, to question my questionable behavior. And I can trust that when I ask him for the truth, he will give it. *Everyone* should have someone like him in their lives. Everyone. We all deserve to be loved and accepted, and in this broken world, we all need someone to help us be better people, to help us heal. And you know what? I learned that from him too. :)

2. Second Life. I know, it's sort of a re-iteration, but I think it's important. I have gained so much confidence in my artwork and myself, just by "playing" in SL. It's effect on my life is so positive, and so important to me, that it deserves mention here.
The Mohawk I wouldn't have if it weren't for SL ;D

3. Seattle. My home. The first place I *really* felt like I was home. It is my sanctuary. I think everyone should have one of these too.

"Sailing the Seattle skies" Taken by .Bala

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