June 13, 2010

BBBC: Day 1


Yeah, I'm going to do it. Oh, what am I talking about? The Big Bad Blogger Challenge. Why? I ... don't actually know.

(and yes, I failed at the 365 thing, I know. Shhh)

I guess I'd like to write more often. I used to keep a diary/journal when I was in junior high and high school (which was quite a while ago). I got out of the habit, but I've always missed it. I don't remember why I got out of the habit. Maybe I got sick of listening to my own whining. Maybe it was right around when I started to realize that nothing I'd ever do would matter. It's hard to keep doing things with that kind of mentality.

I still do think that, too, but for some reason, these days, it isn't as depressing as it sounds. Maybe I'm more zen. Maybe I have more faith in the belief that just being an animal is actually pretty cool. Whatever the reason, I'm trying to come full circle. Or rather, the shape is more of a spiral - to do the things I did in the beginning, but with new thoughts, with experience, with the perspective I have now that I never had then.

Because you know what? Youth is vastly over-rated. Seriously. Sure, it's nice to be flexible, it's nice to still think you have a chance at being the most beautiful thing walking the earth, it's nice to still think you'll live forever. And maybe my perspective is really only valuable to me ... but I've found that the point of view, the experience, the wisdom, the knowledge of age is a far more interesting and worthwhile thing to have than youth.

Because when you're young, you don't realize how beautiful everything is. All of life is beautiful, you just have to open your eyes and see it.

In my dream

<3 Rue


  1. Wow. This was so good to read. I completely share your opinion that youth is overvalued. Usually people look at me rather bewildered when I say that I feel much better now - I will be 40 soon - than when I was 20. I'm looking better (honestly), I feel more self confident and I'm more myself, more balanced in general.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I'm so glad others have had the same insight! For me it actually hit the week of my 30th birthday. I felt like I'd woken up finally, and realized that life was pretty damn good!