June 19, 2010


My husband has gone away for the weekend to hang out with his family, so I have the apartment to myself. I had plans with my parents for today, but didn't want to go, so I canceled them. The apartment is quiet except for my noises, and what little of the city leaks in around the edges of the windows.

And it is good.

There is simplicity in being alone. And there is serenity in simplicity.

Don't get me wrong, I miss my husband, and will be glad to see him again when he returns. I love my parents and at some other point will enjoy their company. But right now, my soul needs some space to breathe, my mind needs stillness to coast through.

Perhaps I will venture out into the world today to partake of my favorite vice, coffee, and some food I didn't cook myself. And that will still be part of being alone. I am an observer, detached, never quite part of the crowd around me. And I like it that way.

This is my peace.

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