April 14, 2010

Edge of a Knife

I wanted to learn all the secrets on the edge of a knife
from the point of a needle
from a diamond
from a bullet in flight...
~ Suzanne Vega, "Undertow" <tune>

Well, the real reason for this post is boots.


These Sasha boots, specifically. You see, the trick to living on the fringe, is being able to utilize and transform the ordinary. These boots, undressed, are innocuous. But I tell you, when I laid eyes on them I knew they would be perfect for *most things*. And that made me very very happy. Because, honestly, I can't live without boots, but finding a good boot that will blend with just about anything you put it with is tough. And I can be very picky to boot (haha). These are great too, because the come with 2 sizes for the calf portion, and they pose extremely well.

Want 'em? Go pick em up at ETD for 200L per color (if I recall correctly). They aren't new, they've been around for a bit, but you can still go pick them up.


~ The Rest of the Credz ~
Hair: "Double Duster" by Stringer Mausoleum
Skin: "Splatter" by Nuuna's Skins
Eyes: "Lupine" by House of Ruin
Horns: "Hunter" (unreleased) by House of Ruin
Jewelry: "Dead Mine" by KOSH
Belt: "Patchouly" by KOSH
Tattoo: "KoiKoi" by Garden of Ku
Top: "very torn nylon" by Sheer
Corset: from "Booty Call" by Solange
Skirt: "69 Micro Mini" by Paradisis
Leggings: "Zetti" by KOSH
Sword: "Cursed Spirit" by Ashes

Poses: [LAP] (Bolly 10), 5ifth Order (Fashion Stand 4),
Windlight: AnaLu neutral

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