April 14, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out, Lady Gaga.

Fringe: Gaga 1
Pose: "Tymps", Hair: "Theater"

So ... I went to Pose Fair last week and had the pleasure of discovering a new-to-me pose maker: Olive Juice. Her poses where so energetic and full of personality that I fell in love almost immediately and bought up a whole bunch. And also determined that I *must* show them off to you, dear readers.

Fringe: Gaga 2
Pose: "Dangerous Curves Ahead", Hair: "Sunrise Gamma"

Then, last night, as I was running through the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, I stopped dead at a shop called "griddie". This is a place of truly creative hair. I'm kind of crazy for non-normal hair, so this stuff totally made me squee and then I had to buy a bunch. And then put a lock on my wallet.

Fringe: Gaga 3
Pose: "Monster", Hair: "Rainy Day"

In order to bring these delightful things to your attention, I had to dress for the occasion. Cue Bare Rose and their "Bone Rider Lady". I've had this outfit for quite a while, but Bare Rose has a knack for never getting old. It was perfect for this too - rather strange, but not so gaudy as to take away from the things I wanted to show.

Fringe: Gaga 4
Pose: "Red Red Red", Hair: "Pipe"

The other trick up my sleeve are these neat shoes that can be found inside the (antiHero) sets from Pixel Dolls. The system shoe part has a texture, but they're copy and mod, so it was an easy thing to make a copy and throw on a clear texture, making it essentially a foot-shaper for the prim soles. Why is this so cool? When you have outfits like this from Bare Rose, with kickass socks that you really don't want to cover up, you can throw these little suckers on and voila! You've made your neato socks into shoes! The best part? The (antiHero) sets are in Pixel Dolls' sale room for very very cheap. I'd suggest picking one or both up before the designer decides to be done with them and retires them forever.

Fringe: Gaga 5
Pose: "Rock Band", Hair: "Curtain Tau"

The skin, face-horns, and eyes are mine, soonish to be released at House of Ruin. I guess that means I should get busy, no?

Fringe: Gaga 6
Pose: "Sea Hag", Hair: "Butterfly Omega"

<3 Rue