January 5, 2010

4/365 & 5/365: Bones and Broom-dancing.

4/365 ...

4-365 : Bones

I needed an outfit to wear for my vendor ads (oh yes, a new release soon!), and so I did a little shopping. AHA! An excuse to go shopping at Grim Bros. They are a little pricey for impulse buys for me, but I've wanted stuff there forever, so I figured it was about time I caved. This is "Cruelty", and it has many more options than you could possibly show at a time.

5/365 ...

I have finished taking screenshots, and I have even set up my Photoshop template so all I have to do is just plug in pictures and change names. phew! Time for a break!

Shed bones, don black softness. And a broom. Even in my sweetest softest moment there is darkness.

5-365 : Broom Dancing in Waterlight

Find a place of beauty, and spin slowly, weaving dust-motes into dreams.

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