December 30, 2009

Project 365

Ruina Considers

I have ambitious plans for 2010. In RL I'm committing to trying to clean up my life, apply a little "normality" to it (with the idea that I can't know if something is not worth the time if I haven't actually done it) and maybe improve the health of both my body and my home.

In SL I have made a vague plan to release more creations, and perhaps make an effort to actually grow House of Ruin into enough of a business that it can supplement my RL husband's income.

And now I have stumbled upon Project 365 ... and I want to apply it to both lives.

Haven't heard of it? Well, the idea is that you take a self portrait of yourself every day, doing whatever it is that you're doing that day. The more you can capture the events of the day, the better. And then, at the end of the year, you have a visual record of your life for that year. Sounds neat, don't you think?

A few other SL bloggers I've found committed to it -
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SL flickr group:
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RL flickr groups:
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