November 24, 2009

My Secret Fringe Society of One (well, maybe two. shhhhh.)

You know what? I'm gonna try this again.

"This?" You ask? Yeah. Blogging. I really like blogs a lot. I don't read them as often as I feel like I should, but whenever I do I get lost in them, and I learn a lot about the world, and people, and myself. I also constantly want to blog myself, but I frequently get in my own way (have I said this before?). Anyway, I'm a bit inspired by a few things: a post from Roblem's blog, the fact that NPIRL is no longer being updated (yes, I'm still miffed), and also just spending time with my friend anathema (I can't really explain why this inspires me to blog of all thing, other than she's ... well ... awesome).

I don't know what this blog will be. There are a million things I'm interested and a million things I'd like to say on a million different topics (yes, I exhaust myself, thanks for asking).

And I suppose categories and labels are things to be escaped, anyway. I find myself in an odd position, because I *do* understand why categories and labels and "norms" exist - they make a great deal of sense to me and my logically adept mind. But I find, no matter how hard I try, that I can't stay on that straight and narrow and ordered path. I seem to exist in spite of labels and categories, in direct opposition to "norms" (Hi, Norm!). I go tromping off into the do-not-step-on grass, the man-less nature preserve wilds of the freaky and weird and odd and just *off*. Why? Because it's just so much more damn interesting. To quote myself ..

"I just imagine dancing on the flaming edge that few others dare to approach and it makes me oddly happier about the situation."

in Darkness,

God's Muse

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  1. Life is a balancing act. We are, always, living on the edge of two shores.
    It may be what we are actually tiny cells whose sole purpose is to answer the questions of some frivolous god. Our lives and deaths are insignificant in their eyes (or what we would call eyes). Yet, we are essential to the understanding.

    Try to understand it all and you just wind up with exponentially more questions. However, it doesn't stop some from trying. And although sanity and insanity are both largely arbitrary social concepts (from people with little imagination), the smartest, most talented people are often driven out of their skulls, on a quest for a new way of understanding.

    Just sayin'