February 11, 2010

Favorite Quotes From SL, Collection no.1

In the grand tradition of recording hilarity in Second Life, heres my favorite collection of quotes from some of the crazy people I've known <3
Evangeline Schism: It's A Bird, It's A Plane ...
Evangeline Schism: Alright. I should got poke RL.
Evangeline Schism: Stupid RL.
Evangeline Schism: It's just rezzing slowly for me today.
Ruina Kessel: Alright, go before someone does something lame and stupid :P
Evangeline Schism: Ugh. I don't want griefers in my coffee shop.
Ruina Kessel: But wouldn't it be cool if SL had it's own weather?
Isabel Pixie: i would love that
Robinson Mapholisto: yes
Isabel Pixie: hurricanes, earthquakes
Isabel Pixie: lightening shows
Ruina Kessel: totally
Ruina Kessel: blizzards
Robinson Mapholisto: toads
Ruina Kessel: fog
Ruina Kessel: TOADS
Isabel Pixie: pestulance
Isabel Pixie: plague
Ruina Kessel: famine
Robinson Mapholisto: beegees reunion
Isabel Pixie: EEK , cancel my membership
Sunday @ Splinter (6.29.09)
Winsome Minotaur: Dear Mr. Humples, we regret to inform you that your name is now a synonym for fucking. Have fun with that.
Dexter Bowenford: Oh, If only I could be so lucky.
Winsome Minotaur: Hencforth, I shall refer to all fornication as "Bowenfording"
Dexter Bowenford: is that like waterboarding?
Winsome Minotaur: "Hey baby, wanna do the bowenford?
Robinson Mapholisto: I wil call websters, they wil be thrilled
Sunday @ Splinter (6.29.09)
Winsome Minotaur: O.X
Ruina Kessel: someone cum in your eye again WInsome?
Winsome Minotaur: It were you! Squirter.
Ruina Kessel: D:
Winsome Minotaur: I'm trying to be dull. ;)
Robinson Mapholisto: it's not working
Sunday @ Splinter (6.29.09)

Ruina Kessel: Has Robin been reading The Art of War?
Dexter Bowenford: I think she wrote it.
Robinson Mapholisto: I have been known to read some of the classics
Dexter Bowenford: oh, you mean like the Penthouse forums?
Winsome Minotaur: Sun Tzu wrote to Penthouse?
Robinson Mapholisto: Yes Dexter, exactly like penthouse forums
Winsome Minotaur: Next you'll tell me that Lao Tzu wrote to Playboy.
Robinson Mapholisto: hustler
Dexter Bowenford: he used the alias "9incher"
Winsome Minotaur: *Everyone knows it's only 8 1/2*
Doe Silverspar: so i guess he knew the sound of one hand clapping
Robinson Mapholisto: right because it's not twister without the roofies
Jabberwocky's Last Days
anathema Xeltentat: ooo, now she's buying the drow skin i was seeing if i already had - she's got ....premonition powers, the hag!
Ruina Kessel: hag!
Ruina Kessel: drown her!
anathema Xeltentat: yesssss, find a water!
Ruina Kessel runs with cleavers
anathema Xeltentat: spies from corners
anathema Xeltentat: secret-like, w/ my giant helmet and blingy fish, bwaahaa
Ruina Kessel hangs squids from chandeliers
Ruina Kessel: you is invisible!
anathema Xeltentat: you have no clue where the brush of that tentacle is coming from but :o
Ruina Kessel: indivisible!
anathema Xeltentat: that you know it is a tentacle is a tell! :P
Ruina Kessel: :o
anathema Xeltentat: oh no, squids from chandeliers is the thing that makes me totally visible despite my ..DAMMIT i forgot what class that is in DnD
Ruina Kessel: home ec!
anathema Xeltentat: hissssss, never!
Ruina Kessel: um ... alchemist ec!
On the Rim of the World
anathema Xeltentat: one more 50l friday notice and i'll tear my...
anathema Xeltentat: hell, i'm not wearing any hair : /
anathema Xeltentat: i'll put some on to tear it out!
Ruina Kessel: what about 60L Saturdays and 25L tuesdays?
Ruina Kessel: x_O
anathema Xeltentat: and manic mondays and septic sunday?
Ruina Kessel: sssssssseptic sundays :D
anathema Xeltentat: sounds like a pilgrimage i'd make Xd
Ruina Kessel: hmm, needs more chapters though
Ruina Kessel: whacked, whipped, wintered, weathered ...
Ruina Kessel: whipped is good
Ruina Kessel: whipped wednesdays?
anathema Xeltentat: whipped wednesdays it is!
Ruina Kessel: throttled thursdays?
anathema Xeltentat: flogged fridays/ flailed?
Ruina Kessel: ooo tough choice
Ruina Kessel: though I have a fondness for flogging
anathema Xeltentat: too bad there's no q day -i'd love to see a day for quartering
Ruina Kessel: I wanted a C for contusions :D
anathema Xeltentat: we should probably just make up some new days to better go w/ our plans
Ruina Kessel: contusion cthuluday
Ruina Kessel: cthulday
Ruina Kessel: quartered quantuday
anathema Xeltentat: purrrfect! shalll we just slip it in or have it overtake one of the standards?
Ruina Kessel: hmmm
Ruina Kessel: one of the S's could go I think
anathema Xeltentat: hell, i like the world better already. its not so bad if tomorrow you know is cthulhuday
Ruina Kessel: Cthulday for sunday?
anathema Xeltentat: haha, yessssss, that's perfect
Ruina Kessel: :D
Ruina Kessel: asphyxia Astarothday
Ruina Kessel: xD
anathema Xeltentat: we might need to make up months, as an expansion project, after the mortals have fallen into acceptance -hard to say


... I only quote you because I love you.

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