June 4, 2009

Something Beautiful

Something beautiful

I was going to put something clever or creative here, but my mind seems lost in the shuffle.

 I have so many pictures I want to post, but I can't seem to get around to doing them. especially when I have a million projects up in the air - it's hard to pick one to work on! And perhaps I just really needed to make something gorgeous and moody. If I could illustrate the book of my soul, this would be one of the pages.

~ Ingredients ~
Hair: ETD
Skin (that you can't really see lol): ElfPyre, unreleased
Horns: House of Ruin sekret project :P
Clothes: Bare Rose
Boots: First Flower
Place: 6pi sim, one of the builds there ...
Texture Overlay: One of the many exquisitely gorgeous textures by Distressed Textures.

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