June 11, 2009

It Sleeps ... For Now

It Sleeps ... For Now

They say "Let sleeping dogs lie", but you know, I don't know anyone who's ever followed that advice. It doesn't matter how many times it comes back to bite people, no one ever listens. And hey, now you can add me to the bunch.

I knew it was a bad idea from the beginning. But you know governments. Once they think maybe they're gonna get a cool toy, there's just no saying no to them. So. Here I am. Shipping this sleeping monster back to my home planet. And since it's basically a giant unknown, I can't guarantee it's containment.

What have I done?

~ Ingredients ~

Ruina Kessel

Location: Necronom Space Colony

Textures Used:
www.flickr.com/photos/habaneros/2617242073/ (thank you!)

  HAIR: "Summon Winter" in Snow by Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine
  Skin: by Domestic-V
  Shape: unreleased Ruina shape
  Eyes: "Elemental" prototype by House of Ruin
  Outfit: "Silent Heart" in red by Bare Rose
  Boots: "Fallen" in white by Nightshade Designs
  Screenshot from: Second Life

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