June 19, 2009

How do you do this blog thing anyway?

Looking at my woeful lack of posts, it is clear to me that I am the person that Alicia Chenaux's Big Bad Blogger Challenge is directed at ... but, sadly, I'm just a bit too late. Perhaps I'll catch it next year!

I've always wanted to blog, and have tried many times in many different guises. But I've always found it difficult, and I'm not exactly sure why. Is it my struggle with language, my sense of its inadequacy? Is it that I wonder if anyone even cares? I get something indefinable out of it, but it still does not seem to be enough to motivate me to come back to it regularly. So, I ask you: If you are a blogger, what motivates you to post? And if you aren't a blogger, but are a blog-reader, what is it that brings you back to read?

1 comment:

  1. The thing that always brings me back to read blogs is that I'm a bit voyeuristic at heart. I love to see the world through another's eyes. I also just love to read and blogs are a cheap, quick way to get my fix as it were. As for blogging myself I've found that, after much trial and error, I really just like to post about random crap. I’ve shot myself in the foot in the past by creating blogs that quickly became genre specific and no longer afforded me the freedom to just post total rubbish. And those blogs have fallen to the wayside as a result. So I started a Tumblr blog a few months ago as a way to just dump whatever thoughts I had at the time out and even though it leans heavily towards posts about Dragon Age and WoW, I don’t feel obligated to just post about those interests.

    Oh and your blog posts make me happy. <3