January 15, 2009

16 Things

16 Things

1. Through SL I've come to love mohawks so much I keep considering getting one in real life. Haven't yet, but I'm still thinking about it. Maybe I'll wait until I'm really old, when it will really seem odd.
EDIT 2010: I have one now :D

2. Despite the fact that I do evil things to my characters that I write, or to my little pixel people in games, deep down I'm a very ethical person. This is something I've only realized recently, and started to understand that that may be why people tend to like me - they know that I'm not going to be an asshole simply for the sake of being an asshole.

3. I *love* to swear. I don't just mean that I do it all the time out of habit. I mean, really do enjoy it. There's something really satisfying about using words that shock people for emphasis lol. And for those that think cursing is bad, I ascribe to the words of George Carlin: "There are no bad words. Bad thoughts. Bad intentions. And wooooords" ;)

4. I love flamingos! :D

5. I also love socks! In real life I have a whole collection of weird, funky, and cool socks. I had so many I had to get rid of some and ended up with a grocery bag full. Just of the ones I'm getting rid of!! My sock drawer is still full, but now I can close it ^_^
EDIT 2010: All socks die eventually, now I need to stock back up! lol

6. I love the strange, the odd, the unusual, and the dark.

7. I especially love industrial landscapes. I really can't tell you why, I don't fully understand it myself. But desolation and ruin strike some kind of humming cord in me that I cannot and do not want to be rid of.

8. If I ever go back to school I'm going to get a degree in mythological studies. Myth is one of the primary things in my life that I cannot live without. It informs the way I see the world, and I believe my life is richer for it.
EDIT 2010: This has changed for me. I want to get my masters of fine art. I also like the idea of being a forensic psychologist. Blame "Wire In The Blood".

9. Art is another primary thing in my life. I must create things. It's a compulsion.

10. I'm childless, and I will remain that way. I'm not comfortable with children, and I don't feel that I would make a good parent - I'm too selfish. Besides, my husband and I are company enough for me :D And anyway, there are more than enough kids in the world to make up for my lack of contribution lol ;) All of that said, I have GREAT admiration for all of those who undertake the challenge of parenting, and the ones that do it well are simply astonishing. It's so easy to get damaged as you grow up, and the best thing you can have is a parent that loves you enough to guide and protect you and still let you grow, learn, and be your own person.

11. Somewhat related to the above - I'm much more of an animal person than a people person. I love them and feel a connection to them that I don't readily feel with people. There are exceptions (my husband, for example), but they are rare. Someday, when I have a place I can have pets, I think I'll be adopting a rescued greyhound or two ^^

10. I LOOOOOVE music! I have so much music that I forget half of what I have. It's like Christmas every time I sift through my cds. And despite the fact that I love it so much, I'm terrible at it! I took 10 years of piano, and I can play a few songs, but I'm hopeless at reading music and even worse at writing. Even so, I have a celtic harp sitting in my living room LOL.

11. Second Life is my worst addiction lol

12. I'm in love with the xbox game Mass Effect. I relish it the way I relish a good novel, and I'm taking my time with it. <3 nbsp="" p="">
13. I watched the single most horrible (not bad, just icky) film ever (the first segment in a set called American Trilogy). It was awful and traumatizing ... and now I can watch tons of horror movies that I was never able to watch before! XD

14. I think I'm becoming a buddhist.

15. Scifi is love!

16. My primary resolution for the new year is to stop eating caffeine, sugar and corn syrup. And I'm doing great! I've even lost a few pounds all ready, and I feel better than I have in quite some time. :)
EDIT 2010: ... and I was rather successful at it :)

~~ what IS she wearing?? ~~
Skin: Lilith (beast) by Fallen Gods
Hair: Allegory (rocker pack) by Stringer
Eyes: Toxic Eyes Radium (necrosis) by House of Ruin
FaceMask: A freebie I found somewhere
Tattoos: Stars by MiaSnow
BackSpikes: Kasum by Stringer
Clothes: Ele by Abyss
ArmStraps:from Acid & Mala
Earrings/Necklace: Melange by Tekeli-li

Image taken in my photosphere ;)

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